Many of you may have heard that Japan has Hinoki oil that was released in June 2017.


IMG_7857 (1)


When it was released I wrote a blog about it here.

Now that I have had a few months with going through several bottles of this oil because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I have more to share about the uses of Hinoki.

The Hinoki tree grows straight and tall and is a very strong tree.
It symbolizes strength and asks us to have the power to go straight towards our dreams.  To face our inner strength, and to accomplish our goals.
The aroma of Hinoki oil comforts our mind, body, and spirit. It’s like hiking through a deep forest and quietly facing deep within ourselves.
Hinoki has a nickname
Forest bathing.


You can apply topically and use aromatically.

Apply neat or with a carrier oil.

Aromatic Description: Fresh elegant wood scent

Companion Oils include florals, citrus, and wood.


• Antibacterial
• Helps with blood circulation
• Can relieve headaches, menstrual pain, and muscle pain
• Supports the immune system
• Helps with swelling and inflammation
• Reduces the appearance of scars
• Promotes wound healing
• Can be used as a deodorant
• Works as an insect repellent
• Reduces signs of visible aging
• Add to your bath to relax

Here are a few diffuser blends that I created with diffuserblends.com


doTERRA uses Hinoki wood that builders would consider waste. For example, pieces that are too thin or considered unusable for building material doTERRA uses to create the Hinoki oil.

This oil is truly a beautiful oil! We are so blessed to have the highest quality Hinoki oil available.

If you don’t have doTERRA wholesale account lets get you started on a life-changing journey today.






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