About Heather



I’m Heather Minowa I moved to Japan 12 years ago from America. I have two beautiful children and I continue to embrace the beauty of Japan every day.

I have been living a conscious lifestyle full of organic foods, yoga, meditation, mandala art and chakra studies for over 20 years.



Having children has taught me to take one day at a time and that every single day is a new experience. Some days I may feel like I am totally failing at life and motherhood, while other days I am so very much winning. This is motherhood, this is life, and it is so very beautiful.

How did doTERRA start for me?

doTERRA was introduced to me after my mother passed away a few years ago. I was completely lost and hurt by situations that happened in connection with the loss of my mom. I needed something to help me with my emotions. The oils totally worked for me, they were my tools to help navigate me in a more positive direction. To help me focus, and move forward in life. Because when you lose someone close to you, it is really comforting to get stuck in that place…that really deep hurting space.

doTERRA essential oils assisted in lifting my spirit.  I started to study the oils and learn more, in fact, I became totally obsessed with these oils. I was reading about the oils day and night, during my lunch break at my teaching jobs, everywhere I would go I would be nerd-ing out on these oils and sharing them with others.

The moment I realized how much I was sharing the oils is the moment I realized I should be doing doTERRA as a business because it was obviously something I was deeply falling in love with doing. It was not easy to step into a network marketing business, in fact, I really hesitated to move forward with the business because it is an MLM. I had to really sit and think about what it meant to me. It came down to this I am creating a network of educators to teach people about essential oils.

I love everything doTERRA stands for, the integrity of this company is in line with my lifestyle of helping others, doing yoga, meditation, creativity, being in nature, and living a wellness lifestyle. doTERRA has inspired me to live this lifestyle in a deeper more meaningful way.



Why I chose doTERRA 


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