Deep Blue

Think soothing.
Deep Blue is for pain and it works in amazing ways. If you follow my InstaStories on Instagram you may have been seeing a lot of posts about my workouts lately…forgive me but posting about them keeps me on track and inspired and for all the friends that send me messages regarding my posts, thank you your encouragement inspires me more.

My body has been sore from all the intense workouts but I feel healthy which is something I’ve lacked in feeling since my mom’s sudden death two years ago. Grateful for the support, my inner strength, and Deep Blue!
This oil helps ease any muscle, back & joint pain. It helps with easing arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, whiplash, pre-& post workout, headaches & neck pain, growing pains and bruises, menstrual pain, and discomfort from long plane travel. Top athletes around the world love Deep Blue and now that I’ve upped my workout game I love it more than ever.
I can help you get this just message me and let’s chat.





IMG_0471I am a big fan of tree oils and Cypress is right up there with the others for me.

Cypress is the oil of motion & flow it is a powerful oil to keep things moving energetically and physically. It is a great oil to use for poor circulation, massage into your legs in an upward motion with a carrier oil.

Massage into the abdomen during heavy periods, endometriosis & fibroids.

Can help with decreasing the appearance of varicose veins.

Companion Oil: Wintergreen, Cilantro, Thyme, and Massage Blend


Seasonal Blend Softgels Tri-Ease

IMG_0470Tri-Ease soft gels can be really helpful for seasonal allergies, hay fever, congestion, head colds and headaches.


• Lemon: Antioxidant, antiseptic, promotes respiratory health and cleansing.

• Lavender: Calming

• Peppermint: soothes digestion, stimulates the brain and helps decrease allergy symptoms.


wa-lemonLemon the oil of focus is a super versatile essential oil. If you are feeling really unfocused or trying to get your kids focused on doing their homework then lemon is your friend. You can diffuse it, smell it from the bottle apply to your wrists and temples.

Lemon is also very helpful when you have allergies or a runny nose. You can inhale from the palm of your hands, the bottle or apply over the bridge of your nose (be careful not to go into the direct sunlight with citrus oils when applying topically)

Lemon oil is fantastic for cleaning purposes. You can clean your tarnished silver jewelry with it, wipe your phone down with it, add 1-2 drops of Lemon to remove gum, sticker residue, grease spots, glue or adhesive, and crayon from most surfaces.

There is SO much more but I will save it for another day.

Feel The Love Of Jasmine Essential Oil


Jasmine Touch is a roller bottle diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil it rolls on smoothly and smells AMAZING!

If you’ve ever walked by a Jasmine bush at night you know how beautiful this flower smells. The jasmine flower only blooms at night and I call it the goddess under the stars flower because it is so yummy and sexy.


Uses include supporting low libido and PMS. Simply apply to the back of your neck and abdomen.
It helps during ovulation to regulate hormones. Apply over the abdomen.
Wear as a perfume
Emotionally it can support you during intimate moments with your partner and create a stronger bond of self-acceptance. Jasmine is a calming oil and will help you relax.
It blends well with Lavender, Copaiba, Neroli, Rose, and Sandalwood.
I love to apply it over my sacral chakra (lower stomach), lower back and behind my ears.