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Welcome to ‘Celebrate: YOU Through Essential Oils’, a retreat hosted by Heather Minowa and Tina Koyama. Celebrate: YOU is a one-of-a-kind wellness weekend filled with relaxing self-care practices and hands-on essential oils education. In addition, you can experience the soothing waters and traditional hospitality of one of Japan’s oldest hot springs towns, Iwaki Yumoto Onsen.

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I was interviewed for the first “Featured Friday” in the Facebook Group called Wake Up Your Woo. I talked about how connecting to my inner voice and listening to my intuition has helped me make some very big life decisions, how it has helped me start my own business in Japan and how I plan to go international with my business.

This group is run by a wonderful woman named Sofia who has helped guide me and many other women to waking up their Woo.

What is “Woo?”

“Woo” is your inner voice, your intuition…your inner knowing, or 6th sense. It’s what connects you to your guides and the universe or something larger than yourself. It isn’t life with a side of woo, but rather woo IS life.” is how Sofia explains it all so simply.

Here is the link to the interview.  Be sure to join the group first. Link is below.

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I was a guest speaker on the Lone Star Under the Rising Sun YouTube Page  

Spend some time with Shea Roberts and me to learn about life in Japan. We cover a lot of things about being a foreigner over here. Be sure to check out his other interviews as well.

He also has a Podcast so you can listen to it here.

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If you are interested in hosting an essential oil class in your area please send a message my way   I am happy to travel to your area to teach classes.

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