Energetic Protection Oils


IMG_3644Protecting our energy from domineering personalities and toxic people in our lives is extremely important. If you have poor boundaries with certain people in your life you may be taking on harmful energy that is fogging your focus and interrupting your positive vibe.

These oils can help protect you from emotional toxicity, poor boundaries, parasitic relationships, feeling attacked, manipulative behaviors, and controlling people.

I usually use a carrier oil with most of these oils and rub one drop on the bottom of each foot, or on the crown of my head. Myrrh can be a bit sticky and Clove is a pretty intense oil so I would definitely use a carrier oil with these oils. You can also add a few drops to a diffuser to help protect a room in your home.

Here are the positive properties of these oils. I get all my information for this from the book Emotions & Essential Oils.

Juniper Berry: Protected • Courageous • Dreaming

Tea Tree: Energetic Boundaries • Respectful connections • Resilient

Manuka: Upheld • Comforted • Shielded

Clove: Empowered • Clear Boundaries • Protected

Myrrh: Safe • Secure • Trusting • Nurtured

On Guard: Protected • Capable • Independent

Terra Armor: Boundaries • Safe • Self-contained

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