Endings & New Beginnings

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Photo was taken from the Tadiama Japan Website.

New Years time is in full swing in Japan.

The week leading up to New Years in Japan can be a bit like the full-on wild ride the week before Christmas is in Western culture. It is a time of the year when people are traveling all over the country, overseas, or they are out shopping for the festivities that will take place in their homes during the New Years holiday.

Christmas in Japan has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I am not sure if I should try to celebrate the holiday, work, or just roll up in a ball and cry because I miss my family back home. I usually end up doing a bit of all of the above.
Christmas Day is just another day in Japan.
Some foreigners do go back home to visit their families and the rest of us take advantage of the Emperor’s Birthday on December 24th and make that Christmas Day for their family. If I want to have a Christmas in my home it is all up to me to make it happen. I do my best for the kids.

This year-end I have been doing my best to stay off social media and take the time to reflect back on 2018 while also working on my goals for 2019. I have had some time to curl up with my Passion Planner and write out what worked well for me in 2018 and what did not work at all. How I can learn and grow from both the positive and negative of 2018. I have also been working a lot this week because this is my time off from teaching English and it gives me the time to get things done with my other projects and doTERRA business.

I hope you all can carve out some YOU time during these last few days of 2018.

Wishing you a beautiful New Years time from my heart to yours.

With much love & gratitude


What’s to come in 2019?!

Mandala Essence Cards are a concept I have been working on all year. These 6 cards reveal an oil blend which I will be releasing on my birthday, January 8th, 2019. Mandala Essence Cards are the foundation of what’s to come in 2019 & beyond.

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Celebrate YOU Retreat Recap

Well hey there! It has been a minute but here I am!

I am happy to announce that our Celebrate YOU retreat was gorgeous, super fun and an all-around success full of experiences and connections. There has never been a retreat of this kind that I know of in Japan and it was an incredible honor to bring my knowledge and Tina’s knowledge together to share with others. Jayne Nakata of Transformation Retreats was an amazing person to work with through 2018. She did all the things we did not have time to do, like meal planning, hotel planning and all the details that no one thinks about when having a retreat. Such an honor to work with you, Jayne, thank you. Thank you, Tina Koyama, for all your hard work and your great workshops.

I am so very grateful for our participants that joined the Celebrate YOU Retreat, allowing me to share my gifts to help them bloom. Thank you so very much!!!


“Heather has a wealth of experience to share. She never shies away from questions and always digs deep for answers.” -KM

“Heather is well-versed in essential oils and her positive experience is a wonderful vehicle to empower participants to enhance their own lifestyles with essential oils; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.” -SM

“Heather has been inspiring me for over a year now both in person and on the internet. It is amazing to see her in real life as her warm and positive personality really rubs off. She has a knack for making you feel at ease immediately. She is super cool and funny and I find myself cracking up laughing in her presence. She did a fabulous job teaching us about the oils and even making our own blend. I especially loved her oil oracle at the end. Many thanks, sister!” -Angela Saeki

To learn more about what is Heather is sharing join her Facebook Page and Instagram.

Transformations With Jayne Interview

43231287_10156757355101419_2311746050920022016_nThis is my 4th interview of 2018! I have always just dreamed of sharing my story with the world. My advice to you is to dream big…bigger than you ever thought you could. Journal about it and step into your highest self because once you do this there is no turning back.

If you do not know me this is a great way to get to know who I am. I had an awesome conversation with Jayne Nakata about way more than I thought I would but it was time to share, so have a listen.

Here is the link