Air Chakra Oil Release

Air Chakra Oil will be released on

Sunday, September 8th

Water chakra oil

We are so excited to step into the next 3 chakra oils with you!!!!

The release of these gorgeous chakra oil blends began on January 8th, 2019 and now we are set to release the last three oil blends through January 8th, 2020.

We will be starting the release of the Air Mandala Essence Cards on Sunday, September 1st and will be sharing each oil with you through a daily post.
This oil blend is my absolute favorite blend!

Water Blend Journey


When I was traveling in Europe last month I carried the Water Blend in my backpack every day. It helped remind me to go with the flow while traveling. I spent a majority of my time in the Netherlands and I was completely surrounded by water in every direction so it made me giggle that I was also in the midst of offering this blend to people around the world.

This blend relates to our second chakra which is located in the area of our lower abdomen; ovaries, uterus, and womb. Second chakra energy is the fuel that keeps us flowing and engaged with life, reminding us that change is fundamental. This is an important reminder for us because it’s so easy to get stuck in a routine that might not give us time to care for our wellbeing. So when I’m feeling fidgety or my mind is in a negative place I grab my Water Blend and apply it to my lower back, my abdomen, and I spend a few minutes breathing it in to help guide my mindset to a better place. I remind myself that life flows and is constantly changing like water. It also reminds me to drink some water because I forget to do that often as well.

The Water Blend is a blend that has been crafted by my dear friend Seie Morrison she’s brilliant with pulling in the perfect combination of essential oils to make up these Chakra blends we have been working with this year.
There are 6 crafted blends in total and they will be released throughout this year.

If you would like to purchase this blend please send me a private message for the details. I am offering this blend worldwide while supplies last.

You can find out more about it on my blog 

Day 6: Water Blend Oils • Patchouli


Day 6
Water Blend Oils

Mandala Essence Card: Patchouli 

Patchouli Mantra: Expand

Patchouli (herb/leaf): Liberating our perceived boundaries, Patchouli reminds us that life is sacred and that taking the time to sit and be with the sacred is itself a sacred act.

Day 5: Water Blend Oils •Marjoram


Day 5
Water Blend Oils

Mandala Essence Card: Marjoram

Marjoram Mantra: Communicate

Marjoram (herb/leaf): A source of strength for the building of integrity, Marjoram remains true in the midst of great change, opening a centered space within us to allow communication with soul even amidst the frenzy and chaos that surrounds us.

Traveling With Essential Oils

When we travel we are getting out of our comfort zones and we never know what will come up. I just traveled to 5 European countries with my family, at first, I thought I was horribly over prepared but to my surprise, I was not and I am so thankful that I had all of these oils.  I used almost everything in the picture below. I am going to share with you what I brought with me and how we used everything.



Life Long Vitality Pack: I can not live without these they are my daily fuel. You can learn more about them here.

TerraZyme: When traveling we tend to eat a lot of food that we don’t usually eat and that can make us feel full or simply sick to our stomachs. I took 2 TerraZyme with every meal, daily.

Serenity Soft Gels: These helped me to relax at night so I could try to get some rest even though jetlag really took over.

Mito Max: I used these to help keep me from constantly drinking too much espresso to keep me awake when jet lag hit in the afternoons.

Zen Gest Soft Gels: I took one soft gel to help digest heavy meals especially at night.

On Guard Soft Gels: I took one every morning with my first meal of the day to help keep my immune system strong.

Tri-Ease Soft Gels: I needed these more when I came back to Japan rather than on the journey but I was happy to have them in case hayfever set in overseas.

doTERRA Toothpaste: Because it is the best toothpaste I have ever used in my life and it goes everywhere with me.

Deep Blue Rub: I used this with Hinoki or Cypress oil on my legs for circulation and on my feet after a long day of walking.


Arborvitae: To help me clear the air in all the different hotel rooms we stayed in, it also helped me relax when I used it in my diffuser with Frankincense.

Orange: Uplifting and the kids love it.

Peppermint: I use it to freshen my breath and in my diffuser with Orange to wake me up.

Whisper: Because I like to wear it.

Juniper Berry: I would randomly smell this oil just to help relax me.

Eucalyptus: To help open up nasal passages, especially when feeling run down with all the travels.

Easy Air: This oil helps wake me and up, and it relaxes me when I feel anxiety creep in from time to time and helps clear sinus issues. I like to add a few drops to my diffuser with 3 drops of Hinoki.

Cypress: I used this a ton for circulation

AromaTouch: Perfect for a shoulder and neck massage after a long day of travels.

Frankincense: Because I never leave home without it. I use it for tons of things but my favorite was in a diffuser blend next to my bed. 2 drops of Frankincense, 2 drops of Siberian Fir and 2 drops of Copaiba.

Zen Gest: Roller bottle and the 15ml bottle. I used the roller bottle that is already diluted on the kid’s tummy when they were having stomach issues and I used the undiluted for me I take a drop under my tongue.

Deep Blue Oil: I used this on my feet and neck after long days of walking in big cities.

Sandalwood: In my diffuser several nights to help relax me. I also put a drop on my 3rd eye, between my eyebrows.

Cardamon: Chilled me out when I lost my patience during crazy travel schedules. I just smelled it from the bottle…heavily. Hahaha

Clary Sage: On my lower abdomen to help with menstrual cramps.

Lavender: It calms my son when is having a meltdown, it happens often with a 4-year-old boy.

Wind Rhythm: A great pick me up or I rub some on my hands and rub my hands in my hair.

Copaiba: I use this oil often to help settle me when feeling overwhelmed. I put a drop on the back of my neck and the bottoms of my feet. I also love to diffuse it with Frankincense and Siberian Fir as mentioned above. I will also put a drop under my tongue when I am feeling nervous.

Marjoram: I use this oil over my heart and on my abdomen, it also helps to settle me when I feel restless or overwhelmed. I like to apply it before bed.

Douglas Fir: This is an oil that just makes me happy all.the.time. and I need to have it where ever I go.

Cheer: Worked great in the diffuser in the mornings. I would run it through the diffuser while down at breakfast in the hotel and when we returned to the room it was such a cheerful scent. Helped get everyone in a good mood for the next destinations travel adventures.

Bergamot: This is another oil that I just like to smell or put behind my ears for confidence.

Grapefruit: A few drops in the shower every morning to help wake me up and curb my appetite so I don’t overeat at breakfast.

Smart & Sassy: To help me not eat everything in sight while in Europe. One drop on my fingertip and I would just lick my finger.

Lemongrass: In case the hotel room had a strange smell this oil would help neutralize things.

Hinoki: I did not have much left of this oil before I left home but I brought what I had and used it on my legs on the long flights. I usually use this for circulation but I forgot to order a bottle for myself before we departed.

Rosemary: I use a drop of this oil with my Healthy Hold Glaze from doTERRA and love it! My hair has never been healthier than it is now.

Roller Bottles

Clary Calm: Helped with menstrual cramps and back pain.

Motivate: Behind the ears when feeling tired.

Forgive: Because when you are on a trip with your family there is always someone you have to forgive at some point. Traveling can be stressful.

Past Tense: For headaches. I apply on the back of my neck and along my hairline on my forehead.

Sallubelle(Immortelle): Part of my nightly routine. I roll a bit on my palms and massage on my face.

HD Clear: For any acne breakouts because flying, and weather fluctuations can be stressful on our immune systems and skin.

Neroli: I carry this with me and use when needing to relax, especially while out and about in the big cities. I usually apply it behind my ears.

Jasmine: Because I absolutely LOVE the smell of Jasmine and I like to roll some on the palms of my hand and apply to my hair.

Beautiful Blend: Same as Jasmine, I love the smell and rub it into my hair daily.

Rose: Because it goes everywhere with me. It is simply the most beautiful oil. Plus my daughter loves it!

Peace: On the little feet before bed every night for a good nights rest.

DigestZen: For all the tummy aches because the kids ate too many sweets on vacation.

Lavender: Again my son loves it and the Lavender Touch is so easy to carry around and it is diluted.

Passion: Because I like to smell sexy and Passion Touch is sexy.

On Guard Touch: On the bottoms of all feet several times a day kept our immune systems strong!

On Guard Sanitizing Mist: I had several bottles of this, we used a ton of it! So worth having this product every day whether traveling or not.

Spa & Skin Care

doTERRA Shampoo & Conditioner: Best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used on my hair. My hairdresser of 7 years always compliments how healthy my hair has gotten since I started to use doTERRA products. I agree with her.

doTERRA Facial Cleanser: I use it every day it is perfect for my skin type.

Pore Reducing Toner: I use this after I use the facial cleanser.


I brought a lot of extra oils along with a bag of sample bottles and stickers for the tops of the sample bottles. I gave away samples of oils to friends along with an introductory kit because they are awesome gifts to give to people.

I also had the 8 vial keychain with me for the kids on the plane and while we were on public transportation. This is such a brilliant accessory to have with you when traveling. I put all diluted sample bottles in it that I knew we would need. The kids would ask for it when they were having a meltdown or tummy ache or who knows what.

• Always be considerate for others around you when using oils in public spaces.

These oils are an absolute key in my life to keep things balanced every day. I only use doTERRA Essential Oils because they are such high-quality beautiful oils that come from a company I trust. When you are ready to start lets chat